Founded in 1960 by David Drabble and his father, George. The society held its meetings at Bramall Lane, the Friends Meeting House or Victoria Hall in Sheffield City Centre, but moved to its home at Abbeydale Park, Dore, Sheffield, in 1980.


President: Sir Michael Parkinson CBE

Vice Presidents: D.B. Carr OBE, H.B. Stokes, L. Cox, P. Eagar, D.K. Lillee MBE, Sir Tim Rice, Dr. N.H. Patel, T.G. Pearson, D.W. Tunbridge
Chairman: Bev Stokes, 9 Causeway Glade, Dore, Sheffield S17 3EZ. Tel. 0114-2369584
Vice-Chairman: Peter Mason, 112 Retford Road, Sheffield S13 9LF. Tel. 0114-2692377
Secretary: David Drabble, Owzat, 1 Ravensdale Road, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield S18 8QP.
Tel. 01246-416145. DDsportsOwzat@aol.com / gdrabble1@sky.com
Treasurer: Andy Jordan
Assistant Secretary: Roger Scholey
Committee: Dr. Roger Allum, Dorothy Betts, Mike Gibson, Reg Goodchild, Rosemary Moseley, Malcolm Paterson, David Tunbridge, Brian Whitehead

International Honour for founder Secretary Drabble

DD with David Collier presentation

When ICC President David Morgan visited the Society to speak members in November 2009 it was brought to his attention that David had been the Society’s Secretary since it was founded by David and his father in 1960 as well as giving stalwart service as a Sheffield representative on the Yorkshire Committee for 22 years.

The Society was delighted to learn that David was to be presented with the medal by David Collier during his visit on Monday, April 19. The ICC Centenary Medal recognises a group of people who are instrumental to the running of the game – the volunteers. They give their time for the benefit of others, and are crucial to preserving cricket’s special values as well as sustaining and developing the game at the grassroots and nurturing the future. Ihe ICC are awarding Centenary Medals to 1,000 volunteers worldwide who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the game and have gone beyond the call of duty in the name of cricket.


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